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Louann Carroll is a Native Californian living in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband, Dennis.

Mother to three children, she is an avid rock, fossil, and gem hunter who enjoys sharing her finds with family and friends. She is a student of alternative religion, archaeology, anthropology, and paleontology.

After leaving her position as C.E.O. in the Bay Area, she has pursued her writing career with much success. Winner of the 2010 Crescent Moon Press award for best novel, she has gone on to write radio talk shows and articles on adoption.

She is the author of Gemini Rising, a sci-fi romance, A Shadow of Time, a paranormal romance, Journeys, The Adventure of Leaf, and numerous children’s stories.

You can reach Ms. Carroll at her website, on Twitter and Facebook.

A Shadow of Time


A Shadow of Time by Louann Carroll


A Shadow of Time 400x600


When young widow Kellyn O’Brien discovers her toddler has inherited the Shadow Ley fortune and estate, she thinks all of her problems are solved.

Unseen, a mysterious guardian dwells deep beneath the house. As the run-down mansion repairs itself, Kellyn is plagued by nightmares – windows into other dimensions that are as confusing as they are frightening.

Not sure what is real or imagined, Kellyn turns to her new friends for help. When they realize that their dreams are connected, they are determined to find the truth behind the unbelievable coincidence.

But the presence at Shadow Ley has something more diabolical in mind. And the friends must unravel the secrets before the insane entity takes more lives, beginning with theirs.


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Innocent Blood


Innocent Blood by Louann Carroll


Innocent Blood ecover2 400X600

They call him the Pope on Dope.

Danny Fisk has a secret no one outside his family would believe.

Danny sees things others can’t: like ghosts and the future. In his teens, he used drugs to escape his gifts, but with help from his family, Danny cleaned up his life. For fifteen years, he lived the American Dream. He had a loving wife, kids, a great job, and proud parents.

That ended when renewed pressure from his abilities drove him back to drug abuse. Now, Danny’s on a mission to save as many as he can from the streets that would destroy them all.

Pursued by corrupt cops, drug cartels and his own inner demons, Danny must find a way to survive his gifts. If not, he’ll continue a downward spiral that could cost him the lives of those he’s trying to save.

As well as his own.

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