The Shadow of Tiamat


The Shadow of Tiamat by Sean T. Poindxter

Shadow of Tiamat Ebook 400x600


When dragons go to war, humanity will pay the price.

Social worker Megan Crunk discovers mysterious circumstances affecting a child and her family during a routine investigation. When she meets Garrett Terago, an ancient dragon, she discovers that mythological creatures are real. More disturbing, vampires are at the center of her investigation, and they are determined to stop her interference with their victims.

Garrett lives a contented but solitary life in the secluded Ozark Mountains. Although disguised as a human, he rarely pays them any heed . . . until he meets Megan. Intrigued, he offers her love and protection. But keeping her safe from his own kind will be a problem.

Dragons have split into factions and war looms between them. Some want to recover their lost glory, a time when they were worshiped as gods and masters of the world. Others stand against them in defense of humanity. Garrett is instrumental to those seeking to dominate the world again, but his love for Megan aligns him against them. With both dragons and vampires after her, Megan’s only hope is if her lover can protect her from the dark world of secrets she’s discovered. But as Megan soon learns, she has secrets of her own.


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