The Will of the Darkest One


The Will of the Darkest One by Sean T. Poindexter



Dragons. Vampires. Sorcerers.

The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles continue in this epic second book.

Megan and Garrett, have never been closer. However, Megan’s best friend Yvonne is pregnant by an enemy dragon. The impossible situation sends Garrett and his friends frantically searching for answers. Accompanied by Ardeth and a wizard, Garrett undertakes a dangerous mission to another dimension. There they must find a way to save Yvonne and the baby dragon she carries.

Back on Earth, the vampires seek revenge against Megan. However, harming her will incite their own war with the dragons. Instead they go after Max, who doesn’t have dragon protection, but may be a more dangerous target than they expected.

Meanwhile the cold war between the dragon factions heats up. The dragon heading up the faction against humanity is keeping secrets. And the mysterious entity he serves may be even darker and more dangerous than he is.


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